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Author: DJ Geribo
Product Code: 978-0-9883068-4-4
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Seven Storied Houses is a collection of short stories that embodies vastly different views of what people consider "Home." Evocative, humorous, and sometimes heart-wrenching, these poignant stories will leave the reader with ample food for thought long after they've put the book down.

Home is... "where the heart is..." - to some, perhaps. But there are as many answers to the question, "What does 'Home' mean to you?" as there are people to ask.

Author DJ Geribo explores the concept of how a home can perfectly identify the people who live there or can wrongly label the souls struggling to get through each day, no matter if they are rich or poor. This collection of stories vividly told from multiple points of view exposes the truth about the lives that are lived inside.  Illustrated.

Book Details
Author DJ Geribo
Format softcover
Pages 184
Illustrated includes pen and ink drawings from multiple artists
ISBN 978-0-9883068-4-4
Language English
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