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BBD Publishing had its beginnings in 2012 with the start of author and cofounder DJ Geribo's first book, The House at the Top of the Trees, published in 2014.  It is a joint venture of a wife and husband team, DJ Geribo and Jim Fontaine, combining both their shared life and work experience.

BBD Publishing strives to publish high-quality books that appeal to a wide audience and provide services to other aspiring authors in all areas related to book design, production, printing, and online sales and promotion.

Our company would not exist in its present form if it weren't for a fortuitous phone call in 2014 that re-connected DJ with Tom Beeler, who was the President of G.K. Hall & Co., a book publisher based in Boston, Massachusetts, where DJ was working as a computer specialist back in 1986 when we first met.

When DJ and I moved to NH in 1988, she left G.K Hall & Co. and we both began careers spanning several decades working for computer and high-tech companies.  Our paths briefly crossed with Tom Beeler in the mid-nineties when we happened to bid on - and win - a fully-decorated Christmas tree that was part of a fund-raising event in Exeter, NH, where we were living at the time.  That Christmas tree was donated by The Large Print Book Company, then owned by Tom Beeler.  The tree topper that decorated Tom's donated tree is the one we still use to this day to decorate our Christmas tree each year.

Fast forward another 18 years to 2014 when DJ contacted one of our local newspapers to promote her first book.  And, who should take her call?  None other than Tom Beeler!  Tom was still the owner of The Large Print Book Company and what followed were several in-person meetings with DJ and Tom, to gain an understanding of the ins-and-outs of book production, printing, publishing, etc.  Tom was extremely gracious and generously provided us with a wealth of information that allowed us to publish not only DJ's first book, but others that followed.  My company, Positively Creative Solutions, LLC, actually designed and built a website for Tom's The Large Print Book Company shortly thereafter.

Sadly, Tom passed away in 2019, but his company still exists and is now operated by his niece.  We are forever grateful to Tom and his commitment to the art and craft of book publishing.

Jim Fontaine, Publisher
BBD Publishing