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Author: DJ Geribo
Product Code: 978-0-9883068-7-5
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Bitsy believes she’s found her soulmate when she gets her first job. Experiencing real love and a passion she never could have imagined, she begins to grow from a naïve teen into a young woman while meeting different kinds of people on her path to adulthood. The A-to-Z Mart has brought Bitsy and Lewis together, but can they survive everything that threatens to keep them apart?

The Mart and the seven stories that follow reveals Bitsy’s journey in an unforgettable telling, exploring the personalities and often complicated relationships among the people in Bitsy’s new, and sometimes scary, world she’s immersed in at the A-to-Z Mart.

Book Details
Author DJ Geribo
Format softcover
Pages 337
ISBN 978-0-9883068-7-5
Language English
Bonnie A. on 03/04/2024 05:12 PM
Light, enjoyable read. The author truly captured the many moods, personalities, and wealth of stories that can be found in most large retail environments, and spun it all into an addictive page turner.
Viv W. on 04/25/2024 03:20 PM
The Mart is easy to read with details that bring back nostalgic memories of the 1960s and 70s while still being relevant to the present. It has an underlying suspense that keeps you wondering. I love the unique idea of the stories following the novel and the way they all relate to one another. I felt that I had met a lot of people by the end of the stories. It's one of those books you hate to put down. Fun and memorable. I loved it.
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