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My name is DJ Geribo and I am the cofounder of BBD Publishing. I am glad you've taken the time to visit our website, which combines the creative efforts of my writing and my artwork together along with those of my Internet Architect husband, Jim Fontaine, the owner of PCS Web Design. BBD Publishing's website features books, from multiple genres including children's and middle-grade books, collections of short stories, memoir, and both fiction and non-fiction. I also invite you to visit our other businesses to find out more about the things I'm passionate about and that inspire me.

I hope you enjoy my books and thank you for your support by purchasing any of them right here on BBD Publishing's website.

DJ Geribo

If you ever have any questions about any of DJ's or the other books that you purchase from BBD Publishing, please contact us at: [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Or, if you prefer, by snail mail.  


Kameko - aka BBD - aka The Miracle Dog


In case you're wondering how the name BBD Publishing came about, there's a story behind that. The simple answer is "Books By DJ" which gives you BBD. The sillier answer is, BBD for BaByDoll. Who was Babydoll? She was the shining star in DJ's life for many, many years; Kameko, bka (better known as) Meko, her chocolate Pomeranian, who was BBD Publishing's original mascot.  Like most dogs, she had a variety of names, one of which was Babydoll. DJ came up with that name when year after year, Meko would continue to suckle on her toys, her Hedgehog "Grunty" in particular, like a puppy suckles its mommy. She never outgrew that habit. DJ's never had another dog who did this and because Meko was so darned cute, Babydoll just seemed like a logical nickname for her.

The following is a list of names that we called Kameko over the years and that she was known to respond to:
Meko, Babydoll, BBD, Baby D, D, Meko Muggins, Muggins, Monkey, Sweetgirl, Sweet D, Miss D, and Patty Fatty Feet. (Well, she didn't really respond to that name, but she did have fat little feet!) There were probably a few others, too, but they weren't used as frequently.

BBD Publishing encourages everyone to, "Read... Learn... Grow!"