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ACS Presentation - Part 2

DJ Geribo Presentation at ACSLast week I spoke to the students in grades 5 and 7 at Alton Central School about my book, "The House at the Top of the Trees", the writing process, and also the publishing process.

Yesterday I spoke to the 8th grade classes and today I spoke with the boys and girls in the 6th grade. They all seemed very interested and had a lot of great questions. Sometimes we were lead in a different direction but it was wonderful to see so much interest in my presentation. One class in particular had so many questions that I finally had to stop them so that I could finish my presentation before we ran out of time.

This was a great learning experience for me and I hope to contact other local schools to share what I've learned through writing and publishing my first book.

Readers' Comments

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Loved it!  It was wonderful to see imaginations at work, and the value of strong family relations. It was fun to read, yet had some good  life lessons in it, too.  I hope the children find more adventures to share with us.

Cindy M., New Hampshire


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