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When you purchase a book (or books) from BBD Publishing through our website, the payment is handled through PayPal by Positively Creative Solutions, LLC.  Positively Creative Solutions, LLC is the internet architect and technology solutions provider we've selected to build our website and make it do what we want it to do so that we can focus on writing and publishing great books!

If you use a credit card or debit card to make your purchase, your statement will reflect either PCSLLC or, if it supports a long description, PCS WEB DESIGN.

If you have any questions concerning an order you've placed with us through our website, you may contact Positively Creative Solutions, LLC directly at 603.875.0110.

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Living amongst farmlands, my house is surrounded by soybeans this year. It gave me the perfect image of what I imagine the top of the trees to look like. I "enjoyed the ride," but feel like the journey has not ended. The writer left me with lots of unanswered questions; the perfect set up for a sequel!!

Kathy T, Michigan


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