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The Miracle Dog

To help DJ get through the emotional roller-coaster ride that she and her husband, Jim, experienced with their little dog, she documented the entire ordeal in detail. You can read about the difficult and often slow progress Kameko made from the initial visit to their veterinarian, the anxious time spent visiting their pet in the emergency hospital, dealing with the daily plethora of medications they had to administer, and the time spent waiting, hoping, and finally realizing Kameko's ultimate return to the healthy, active little dog she had always been.

If your pet has received a diagnosis of IMHA, there is hope and DJ's wish is that this book will help you with your pet's own personal journey to recovery.

softcover, 196 pages  $16.95

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Living amongst farmlands, my house is surrounded by soybeans this year. It gave me the perfect image of what I imagine the top of the trees to look like. I "enjoyed the ride," but feel like the journey has not ended. The writer left me with lots of unanswered questions; the perfect set up for a sequel!!

Kathy T, Michigan


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